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New in 0.8.0

  • Google analytics integration
  • New user levels - Editor, Forum manager
  • New component: Downloads
  • HTML mailshots
  • TinyMCE less bloat
  • RSS feed autodiscovery
  • Contact form - textarea
  • Batch image upload with browser
  • Navigation targets
  • Gallery lightbox
  • Extended user profile - MSN, skype, user bio
  • Replace photo
  • New theme 'Harmonyĺ
  • Many theme config items migrated to admin panel


SiteX CMS 0.8.0 great new features, plus some examples of great looking sites using SiteX CMS:

Welcome to SiteX CMS >> A new version, a new home, a new design. Manage Editor Rights >> This new section allows you to control exactly what a person with 'editor rights' (also a new feature) is able to do. Upload Photo Batch via browser >> Batch photo uploads can now be done through the browser, so you don't have to give out FTP details to your editors. Gallery lightbox >> The gallery now includes a lightbox feature, which can be turned on or off. Navigation target >> It is now possible to define a target for each navigation item. either _blank for new window, or _self for same window. Replace photo >> You can now replace existing photos with new ones without having to re-enter all the photo info. Contact form content >> Contact form now has an adjacent area for adding content, such as your organisation's address, or a location map. >> Mega customisations on this high profile professional modeling site, including multiple galleries with lightbox, and member dashboard page. Site Designed by InArmonia O▄, customisation by Qbic O▄ >> Complete custom theme for games summit website, embedded video on homepage. >> Yet another tasty site by InArmonia, a new template and a bunch of customisations, including, separate gallery menu and multilanguage. An elegant design. >> are doing a great job of templating SiteX - really nice design! >> Website for Estonian singer/songwriter Anneli Pilpak. Site design by is based loosely on the Fusion theme.


New SVN address & some bugfixes
Posted by: Phil Mills - 25/05/13 @ 12:31AM
Recent sourceforge updates mean that our SVN address has changed. The new address is:
HTTP: svn checkout sitex-code or 
RO: svn checkout...

SiteX CMS and PHP 6
Posted by: Phil Mills - 19/02/11 @ 1:42AM
SiteX CMS currently requires magic_quotes_gpc and in some cases register_globals to be turned on on your server. Both magic_quotes_gpc and register_globals are depreciated in PHP 5.3, and removed...

Logout problems
Posted by: Phil Mills - 17/02/11 @ 1:23AM
Some recent changes to php.ini settings on our server caused a login session problem. The effect was that you could login fine, but as soon as you try to post to forums or edit pages, you'd get...

Fixed Wiki link
Posted by: Phil Mills - 27/01/11 @ 1:33PM
The Wiki link on the support page was broken - its fixed now ;)

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fast setup, 10 languages, gallery with lightbox, forums, events, links, journal/blog, guestbook, polls, comments, contact form, HTML/plain text mailshots, downloads manager, easy page editing & creation, choice of designs, simple admin panel, user levels and much more just found it!

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