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New in 0.8.0

  • Google analytics integration
  • New user levels - Editor, Forum manager
  • New component: Downloads
  • HTML mailshots
  • TinyMCE less bloat
  • RSS feed autodiscovery
  • Contact form - textarea
  • Batch image upload with browser
  • Navigation targets
  • Gallery lightbox
  • Extended user profile - MSN, skype, user bio
  • Replace photo
  • New theme 'Harmony’
  • Many theme config items migrated to admin panel


SiteX is packed full of features to help you get a great website up in almost no time at all, and you don't need to be a computer geek to do it!  Installation is simple, and keeping your site up to date is a breeze with SiteX's user-friendly Admin Panel!  Take a look at all the fantastic features SiteX offers straight out of the box!

  • English
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Slovak


  • Google analytics built-in
  • RSS feed autodiscovery
Blog / Newsincluding:
  • Post news items
  • Recent blogs display on homepage
  • Blog commenting
  • In-page editing
  • RSS newsfeed


Photo Galleryincluding:
  • Albums (as many as you like)
  • Image resizing (keep the original, resize the original, do both, the choice is yours)
  • Watermarking (secure your image either with an image or text watermark)
  • Image descriptions (so you can say what you need to)
  • Keywords (use keywords to categorise your images - good for searching and sorting)
  • Image dates
  • automatic thumbnailing (no need to create thumbnail versions of all your pics - siteX does it for you)
  • Random homepage thumbnails (our script will show a random selection of thumbnails from the gallery on the homepage)
  • Image uploads using browser (single or multiple images)
  • Lightbox


  • Public/Private forums
  • Forum subscriptions (email notifications)
  • Members profile
  • Signatures
  • Avatars (user image)
  • Sticky Topics (keep the important topics at the top, great if you want to get a message out)
  • Locked Topics (subject exhausted? lock it so its read-only)
  • Moderation (let one of your members keep an eye on the forum)


  • Image-based form security (to stop guestbook spam)
  • options to approve guestbook entries (keep them clean for your visitors)


  • multiple polls
  • previous polls
  • show current poll on homepage


  • comments for images and blogs
  • comments approval
  • restrict commenting to logged in users


Contact Formincluding:
  • multiple recipients
  • configurable from address
  • contact form adjacent content
  • Image based form security (to stop guestbook spam)


  • link categorisation
  • link hits counter


  • calendar view (don't forget your birthday)
  • events list view (see all the calendar entries in a list)
  • mini-calendar on homepage
  • forthcoming events on homepage (shows you only whats coming)
  • multi-day events (plan your early retirement)
  • all day events (did someone say all day breakfast?)
  • timezone control (so someone overseas will see the right time of your event)


  • site search (includes forums, photo and album descriptions, pages, blog and calendar)
  • search style options (choose from 4 different input styles)


  • 6 different pre-installed templates (all nice! )
  • fully customisable color schemes with colour picker
  • easy template switching (change your design every day if you want! )
  • easy colour scheme switching
  • template config file (for fine tweaking of some features)


File Managerincluding:
  • any file type
  • easy file linking from pages
  • organise files into folders (so you don't lose your files or your head)
  • configurable downloads page (show or hide folders)
  • restrict downloads page to members only


  • user profiles
  • user signup (on or off)
  • confirmation email
  • admin approval of new users
  • send email mailshots to your site members
  • user groups (yes you can pidgeonhole your friends!)
  • user activation / deactivation (if only it was so easy to turn people on and off in real life...)


Admin Panelincluding:
  • admin controls for all of the above!
  • page adding and editing and user group restriction
  • menu editing
  • component switching (turn off any component you don't need)
  • site statistics (see what happened when and how much)
  • upload title images (images for the top of your site - e.g. logo with a pretty background)
  • title image rotation (if you upload more than one to your theme - you can sit and watch them change when you click - if you like)


Editor Panelincluding:
  • editor role allows site edits without giving full admin rights.
  • admin selects what an editor is allowed to do.


This page last updated on 25/05/13 @ 12:57AM.

If you're looking for...

fast setup, 10 languages, gallery with lightbox, forums, events, links, journal/blog, guestbook, polls, comments, contact form, HTML/plain text mailshots, downloads manager, easy page editing & creation, choice of designs, simple admin panel, user levels and much more just found it!

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