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New in 0.8.0

  • Google analytics integration
  • New user levels - Editor, Forum manager
  • New component: Downloads
  • HTML mailshots
  • TinyMCE less bloat
  • RSS feed autodiscovery
  • Contact form - textarea
  • Batch image upload with browser
  • Navigation targets
  • Gallery lightbox
  • Extended user profile - MSN, skype, user bio
  • Replace photo
  • New theme 'Harmony’
  • Many theme config items migrated to admin panel


For support questions please visit our forums where members of our development and beta team actively monitor.  Please bear in mind that SiteX does not support your third party MySQL and PHP setups.

The SiteX team no longer supports 0.6 and earlier installations.  We recommend that all users upgrade to the current version for security and stability purposes,and of course all the great new features!

This page last updated on 12/08/11 @ 11:43AM.

If you're looking for...

fast setup, 10 languages, gallery with lightbox, forums, events, links, journal/blog, guestbook, polls, comments, contact form, HTML/plain text mailshots, downloads manager, easy page editing & creation, choice of designs, simple admin panel, user levels and much more just found it!

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